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Our trainings

Each course brings together a subject or theme that you must absolutely master to optimize your use of compressed air.

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Planning of a compressed air system
Maintenance of a compressed air piping system

Compressed air safety: Accidental disconnection, cleaning and noise reduction
Compressed air safety: Lockout, residual pressure and prevention of overpressure

Basics of compressed air
Compressed air treatment

Who is the Academy for?

The Topring Academy is for all those who use or intervene in the use of compressed air.

  • If you are in the manufacturing or automotive sector or your workforce uses compressed air equipment, the Academy will allow you to train your employees. Your team can keep their knowledge up to date. You will also find tips for maintaining your compressed air system.
  • If you use a compressed air system at work (engineer, pipefitter or other), or at school, you can familiarize yourself with compressed air and learn the rules for safe use.
  • If you are a Topring distributor, you can more easily train your sales force. Your representatives will be better equipped to answer your customers' questions and identify business opportunities.


" Having taken part in the first two compressed air training courses, I must admit that it makes a good " refresh " even though I have good knowledge of compressed air. It is understood that for a begginer, this should be prescribed, because the person will learn a lot from it. This gives a very good idea of what compressed air is in more detail. " - Claude, Sales Manager

" Compressed air is simple: a compressor, pipes and hoses, fittings, and finally our tools. In this chain, on the other hand, there are many details that are unknown or forgotten that can reduce our electricity bill, improve the performance of our tools, make our work environment safe, and simplify maintenance. The experts at Topring explain these details in a simple, clear, and effective way. And besides, they are nice people. Recommended for everyone concerned with compressed air, whether distributor or user. " - Mark, Technical Sales Representative

" I find that the training makes us more aware of the importance of compressed air. Often people think the tool is malfunctioning when in the fact they don't have good pressure or airflow, which makes the tool less efficient. Also knowing that there are parts and systems to make the compressed air system safer and more efficient is very important. " - Michel, Territory Manager

Information request

To follow a training course that does not appear in the list or for more information, contact us at or at 1 800 263-8677.


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