Compressed air system design

The planning and design of an air piping system are crucial steps to ensure optimal performance of pneumatic equipment and tools. In order to improve your knowledge of compressed air and guide you in your projects, we provide you with reference guides and instructional videos on compressed air systems. We provide turnkey solutions for all kinds of applications, from large manufacturing and industrial facilities to small workshops. Whether you need technical assistance or advice, our technical team is available to help you reach superior performances and the highest level of safety with your compressed air piping system project.

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White paper

Download our white paper and learn more about planning and design a compressed air system.

white paper compressed air piping system project

Practical guide to planning a compressed air piping system

This practical guide offers you some ideas for planning your compressed air network. By having an optimal system, your tools and equipment will be more efficient.

> Download the white paper

Design guide

Download the different design guides using the links below. Each series of compressed air systems has its own design guide. Reading and understanding of the guides is mandatory before starting the entire planning of the air system project.

Additional services offered

We offer a wide range of services to help you design and select the right compressed air piping system. Our services include:
compressed air systems planning

Drawing your project

An overall plan of your compressed air piping system to visualize your installation. It can be realized on request.
compressed air drawings

Detailed views of the drops

A detailed list of drops with their references are available on request. These drawings are offered in 2D and 3D CAD format.

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