Our installation advices

Topring is known to work closely with his distributors and end-users. These experiences allowed us to develop a high level of knowledge based on the best practices. To ensure a safe, efficient and performant air piping system, it is important to follow the installation guidelines and safety instructions recommended by the industry. This section presents guides, videos and warnings to better understand the procedures and installation principles of each Series. If you need assistance when installing a system, contact our technical team.

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Installation cost

Topring compressed air systems are easy and quick to install. They don't require particular preparation nor special equipments. Our pipes and fittings can be assembled much more quickly than the usual systems because they are calibrated and fits perfectly. Also, our components are removable and interchangeable, which makes future modifications very easy. These are major advantages compared to traditional piping systems, as galvanized steel or copper systems.


- Four to five time quicker to install than steel

- Significantly lighty than steel

- Corrosion resistant

- Little effort to cut the pipes

- Only one installer is required

- Low maintenance cost

Installation guides

Download the different installation guides using the links below. Each series of compressed air systems has its own clear and concise installation guide. Reading and understanding of the guides is mandatory before starting the entire assembly of the air system project. An installation guide will be included with each order.

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