How can you save money using a zero air loss condensate drain

compressed air condensate drains

Zero air loss condensate drains are used to collect and remove condensates without releasing any compressed air, thus reducing your energy bill.

Condensate drains play an important role in compressed air systems because they help collect and remove condensates that accumulate in compressor tanks, water separators, filters, air dryers, as well as at the end of every air drop (at the point of use). Condensates are formed as air is cooled. Every compressed air system should include multiple condensate drains. 

In this article, we introduce you to an energy-saving solution which will provide long-term benefits: zero air loss automatic condensate drains.

compressed air condensate drains

Condensate drains can be found at different locations in the compressed air system.

Main features of zero air loss condensate drains 

As the name itself indicates, zero air loss drain does prevent leaks of compressed air as it drains condensate. It eliminates all energy loss and wastes no compressed air during operation. The action is automatic and requires no human intervention. A sensor triggers the drain automatically when a predetermined level of condensate is reached. This enables sufficient time for efficient drainage to prevent water accumulations which could have serious impacts on a compressed air system. Once the draining is completed, the valve automatically shuts off preventing the escape of any compressed air. 

This video demonstrates how the zero air loss automatic drain works.

Key features and benefits: 

  • Energy savings, no waste of compressed air 
  • No need to readjust programming of draining time and interval 
  • Automatic detection: no risk of programming error 
  • Integrated filter to collect contaminants 
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance 

Why zero ailoss drains are the most economical 

We conducted a variety of tests to demonstrate the energy and cost savings possible when using a zero air loss drain in continuous operation (24 hours per day). 

Total savings with zerair loss drain

Compressor Capacity  
25 HP 
50 HP 
100 HP 
250 HP 
500 HP 
1000 HP 
Energy Savings 
5000 kWh 
10000 kWh 
20000 kWh 
50000 kWh 
100000 kWh 
200000 kWh 
Cost Savings  

Calculations based on an outlet equivalent to a standard 6.35 mm drain timer with a flow of 89,6 SCFM at 100 PSI (air) and a 2852 l/h flow at 100 PSI (water). Hydro-Québec rates,  ''M'' 50-5000kW for $0,0503 /kWh. Cost savings calculated over 10 years.

During periods of high humidity, the quantity of condensate produced by the compressor is high. This results in more frequent and longer draining actions. If you are using a programmable drain, you should set the timer at a start time and drain interval which will be sufficient to eliminate all condensate accumulations. 

In the opposite case, during periods of dry weather, the quantity of condensate produced by a compressor is lower. To prevent energy loss when the drain is in continuous operation over a longer period than necessary, you should readjust the drain time according to the humidity level. 

Zero air loss drains do all the work for you: they continuously adjust to ensure both protection of the system and energy savings. 

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